Pint O’ Plain and A Baby Guinness

Happy St. Patrick’s day! By FAR one of my favorite holidays. Who doesn’t love a drinking mans holiday? St. Paddy’s day also happens to shine a big bright spotlight on my favorite drinks. A nice stout (such as Guinness) and a nice smooth shot of Irish whiskey. I’m a big fan of Kilbeggan’s Irish whiskey and Tullamore Dew.

I also happen to be a big fan of Baby Guinness shooters! They are both simple and delicious. They don’t however, actually contain any Guinness. Instead you will need Irish Cream of your choice and coffee flavored liqueur. I hope this simple shot will spice up your St. Paddy’s day just please… don’t order an Irish Carbomb from an Irish bar.      ; )

Baby guinness

  1. Pour about 1.5 oz coffee liqueur into shot glass to start
  2. Float an oz of Irish Cream on top
  3. Shoot and enjoy!