Camber Sands English Iced Tea

The Camber Sands Iced Tea is the Long Island Ice Tea’s classier cousin. How classy? well that depends on what kind of lemon vodka you decide to use. I mean there is no need to break the bank on it in my opinion but, it is an interesting to drink to keep up your sleeve. Most people I know don’t usually put tea in their cocktails, that’s exactly why I decided to feature this somewhat simple drink today. So, lets dive in..

Glass: usually highball

Method: shake and strain


Ingredients: 4 oz lemon vodka, Earl Grey tea, 3 tbs cranberry juice, mint leaves, sugar syrup, lemon juice, plenty of ice

  1. Muddle generous amount of mint leaves to taste
  2. Add 4 oz of lemon vodka of choice to shaker with 3/4 cup of Earl Grey tea, 3 tbs of cranberry juice, dash of sugar syrup and lemon juice
  3. Shake until well chilled
  4. Strain into highball glass filled with ice
  5. Garnish with lemon slice and/or mint leaves




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