3 Techniques to Elevate Drink Presentation

Cocktail presentation is key to making an amazing drink. It can range from a very simple garnish, to mind blowing artistic expression. This post will focus on 3 fairly simple and easy techniques to instantly elevate drink presentation.

  1. Torching/Flaminig –

Torching or flaming fruit slices or peels can add new flavor profiles while enhancing existing flavors. The sky is the limit when it comes to this technique as you can apply this to many garnishes. Often times a torch is used. However I have heard of many bartenders using matches for a slower, classtorching picy showing.


2.  Peeling –

As long as you have access to a peeler you can perfect this simple and endless technique. Try some thin peel shaving, twist or even shape or design ( Such as slithering snake orange peel)

3. Garnish Combos – Simply combing a couple garnishes can bring your drinks to the next level. A couple noteworthy garnishes include, mint sprig and dendrobium flower or this easy to make orange peel and mint sprig rose.  sprig rosesprig and flower

Just like the other techniques there is so much room for innovation with these garnish combinations. The only limit is what you choose to do with it.


As always feel free to submit your drinks to Exotic Splash to be featured,all credit will be given to you !




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