Pop Rockarita

The Pop Rockarita was made famous by Cocina 214, I was definitely slightly skeptical of the Pop Rock margarita combination at first. I guess  Pop Rocks and tequila were two things I hadn’t ever thought to put together. This drink uses Pop Rocks mixed in with the tequila, as well as to coat the rim of the glass. So if your not a fan of that candy you may want to sit this one out! After it’s all said and done I have to admit it sounds  cool and can be an interesting way to switch it up from the usual salt rim. You may even turn a couple heads while your at it.

Glass: No standard glass

Method: shake and strain

Ingredients: 1 packet Pop Rocks, Agave syrup, 1 1/2 oz tequila, 1 oz Grand Marnier, 3/4 oz chilled sweet and sour mix, 2 oz cranberry juice chilled, 1 oz diluted lime juice.


  1. Crush up pop rocks on flat surface or bowl
  2. Coat rim of glass with agave syrup
  3. Dip glass into Pop Rocks
  4. Add remaining Pop Rocks and the other ingredients to shaker with ice
  5. Shake until well chilled and pour into glass
  6. Enjoy!!

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